Cripes, I almost forgot. Blog my day.

Today I had a lecture in Structured Programming. We examined the use of FOR, WHILE and REPEAT loops in the pascal language. Not very exciting really, but it was a step in learning.

I had a problem with my bus on the way home, we have alot of bus problems here. They are normally several hours late and have a tendency to make you miss lectures (unless your determined like me and arrive hours early). Today though I was waiting to get on my bus home when I turned to speak to a fella next to me. I turned back to see the doors closing. I taped the door and the driver just waved at me and drove off! Talk about adding insult to injury!

Otherwise, I ran around for the evening collecting names for tomorrows pool comp in the SU bar. Since I organised it I'm going to take on the role of referee. I hope to get some white gloves and a bow tie. ^_^

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Today is the day to blog. In an attempt to take a snapshot in time, the National Trust is asking that everone blog a littel about their day. I'll come back later to do mine, for now here is the beeb link.

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Thought I might talk a little about the changes I have made to my blog. The new layout is pretty obvious, I went for the ultra minimalist theme as thats just what I like to see on webpages. The new tagline, In the City Of Spires, is a (misquoted, should be Dreaming Spires) description of Oxford by a poet called Matthew Arnold in a poem where he harks back to his days of studying in the city:
'That sweet city with her dreaming spires,
She needs not summer for beauty's heightening'

I have had a little adjustment to the left hand column. For the time being there are all the usual Thanet blog links, but I suspect that I will also change those in time, no rush though. I have adjusted a section to what is now called buttons, seeing as all the cool kid blogs have them. I've included the obligitory 'get firefox' button, as really everyone should. The bird at the top is called the songbird. It is a music player based on the same engines as the firefox browser. Its still in developmental stages so not recommend as a replacemnt for your current player (yet) but is good fun to use and a great way to search for and listen to music on the net.

There is also a particularily interesting button on there for anyone who wants to just read all their favourite webpages in a glance, thats netvibes. Netvibes is essentially a web rss reader, but it has many other cool tricks under its belt. I will be honest, its through netvibes that I now read everyones blogs and has been the case for some time. It informs me when there is a new post on any one of a number of blogs I have listed on it and gives me the ability to read the post without ever having to visit the blog. It saves lots of time and effort. If there is something I want to comment on then a handy link is provided to the post. Alas, I can't see Tony's pics on it, but I have always had trouble with his feed, so thats nothing new for me.

Below the button section we have my tags. is a service that I use to bookmark webpages that I find interesting or useful. It is also possible for others to view those bookmarks I make. Tags are simply the categories that those links come under.

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A terribly interesting thing I came across by a site called Maps Of War. The animation looks at the war thats been raging in the middle east for the last 5000 years.

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I live in a campus called Harcourt Hill which has suffered severe under-representation within the student union. Tonight I have worked with a lady called Hannah and done some maths.

Harcourt represents 15% of (max)2600 students that live on campus. That is four whole weeks (28 days) out of twenty seven of contribution that we deserve from all societies within the university.

Why do I point this out? Because while speaking with a Rock Society representative I was laughed at when I asked what events we would be getting at Harcourt Hill. My first reaction was to simply create events that mocked the society (which I have paid money to join) but I now intened to approach them, as well as other societies, demanding representation. Lets hope this doesn't become a mockery in what is supposed to be a democratic organisation.

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Is there a point to blogging? I think there is perhaps even a beauty to it. It is an opportunity to express yourself with added bonus that people may actually hear your words. It makes such a difference to ranting to your walls, which instantly absorb and forget. The words hang in the air for others to view for months, or even years down the line. Though you can be sure that you are only remember you by the last thing you utter. I remember posting a youtube of myself doing diablo work on here and one of the comments I recieved was the statment 'not sure if your into girls or boys' (I paraphrase), yet only a couple of posts earlier I was talking about my g/f (girlfriend in J17 talk). Its like the classic, people replying to forum threads with the words 'I couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, so I just read the last post'.

None the less, blogging is a very personal and in its own way very satisfying thing. You say what you want to get of your chest and damn the rest. I type because it makes me happy, not because it make you happy.

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