End of semester 2.1

Just finished my final exam (computer networks) for this semester of my second year. That should mean I'm exactly half way through, not sure I am though. Unfortunately I feel that I did terribly this semester, including this exam, and I'm kinda woried that it will mean I'm going to have to add an extra semester onto my course. Still, we'll see, I may yet be able to pull it back. Otherwise, I'm pretty glad this bit is over. The last few months have been a real struggle and I'm looking forward to coming home for an all be it brief period of time.

So now it is time to go have a few ales. I'm gonna try to hold back tonight as tomorrow is my birthday and we're planning a raucous affair. I'm in Wales for Christmas but will be spending NYE in Thanet, most probably at the Lido, where I hope to catch up with some old friends. I'm a little sad to say this may be one of my last trips back since the family home is now up for sale with the intention of leaving the area. One can't help but feel a little loss at the thought of not returning to an area where I spent so many of my formative years but its difficult to imagine that I would return without a family home there. I guess some people flee from the nest, others are pushed and some just have the nest taken away while they're not looking.

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The ongoing saga of the iPlayer

Oh, what a treat... and just in time for Christmas! I am very pleased to find that the BBC has finally indulged my fetish for organic software by releasing a flash streaming version of their iPlayer.

Though of course flash isn't homespun in itself, it is cross platform compatible and so both myself and all those other 'nix and Mac users out there can watch the last seven days of BBC content without the need for any of that Windows tosh! Not a Vista in sight! I need never miss another episode of Cash In The Attic again. Hurrah!

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Where has all the art gone?

Not only has Arts and Elbows not posted -in several months, but I've also noted that the IOTA website has been taken over by cybersquaters, with the last record I can find (thanks to the waybackmachine) is in April. Whats going on?

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