I'd always wanted to see what an underground map would look like and the other day I remembered whilst infront of the computer. Now, the one I have below is not totally accurate insofar as exactly where the tubes are laid, but it is more so as far as the stations sit.

This map was generated as part of the
London Underground geographic maps project by software written by ed g2s and James D. Forrester utilising GPS data.

You may want to see the large version.

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My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets.

Large Image

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Compiz Fusion

I doubt many of you will have heard of Compiz or its one time rival Beryl. These are add-ons for Linux desktops which, though they have their advantages for making your computer more productive, are very much fancy eye-candy. Basically, whenever my friends ask why I use nix I show them some Compiz features, they then exclaim how cool they are and ask how to make their computer do that. They can't of course because they use archaic operating systems.

Anyway, I digress. Compiz is a window composting manager project (you'll see what I mean when you watch the film) which had some infighting, a common thing in open source communities where everyone has the right to say their piece. A group split to go form the Beryl project. Now, though Beryl was often the more exciting project, I preferred Compiz for its stability.

Since then the two groups have decided to re-merge, thus pooling their knowledge and avoiding doubling their work. I'll admit that I was skeptical about what the result would be, would Compiz stop being stable? Would Beryl become less exciting? The following video shows that Compiz Fusion (as the joint project is now known) has certainly become even more exciting than Beryl was alone. I'm now looking forward to installing it to see if its still as stable, even on my cheap integrated graphics card.

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Its taken long enough but I am finally back on the net. I thought that with all this high-speed world we were living in the internet wouldn't have take the better part of a month to sort out. First its problems with how long since you've had your phone line, then its that the previous people living here were with another company (hold on, I'm sure I set up a new line!?), then you have to wait for engineers, then you have to wait longer because of floods! All very painful.

A few weeks ago we had our interband football tournament in Dane Park. We've been doing it for the past seven years (here is a link to last years football post). I managed to get to the final this year but alas we were beaten by younger, fitter, chavs. Ah well. Just like to say a public thanks to all the lads who helped me organise the event. I'd also like to say a public shame on all those who left litter at the end, not cool.

I was intending to do a rebuke to Tony's comments on my last blog post, but the moment is somewhat lost. He is right, Linux isn't the most prevalent desktop system. It is worth noting though that it is by no means a backwater system, for example, Blogger runs on Linux. So its interesting that he was using said system to say that no-one uses it.

Well, its a nice day so I'll leave you all to it. :)

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