I remember how low I felt during the 2004 American elections. I knew Bush was going to win and because world affairs are so tied up in American policy, I knew the dark times were going to continue. Now I can't help but feel good at seeing the loss of The House to the Democrats and (as I write this) the Senate hanging in the balance with it also likely to go to the left, unless of course the Republicans can manage another of their legal comebacks.

Even better though is the recent announcement that Donald Rumsfeld, the warmonger himself, is going to stand down in face of the defeats. So not only is Bush going to be a lame duck with some seriously clipped wings but perhaps the guiltiest party in such fiascos as the Abu Ghraib cover-ups is out, out, out! I think I can see some light at the end of this dark tunnel.

I think I'll also mention that others that I have spoken to tend not to know the difference between the two parties, or simply can't remember who's which. I came up with this simple mnemonic:
Democrats - Greece created democracies where they discussed the meaning of life and were generally quite liberal, though the boys had a tendency to sleep with other boys.
Republican - Rome created the republic where they beat the rest of the world into submission and perhaps built Europe's 'greatest' empire, suffered from bit of religious militancy.

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I'm terrible at saving numbers in my phone, mainly because my phone is so awkward to use, but normally because I think 'I'll do it later'. Surely it would be better if each phone had its own ID that the user sets which when you call someone it comes up as you ID/name. This avoids all those confused times of asking who it is when you don't recognise the number, or in some peoples cases, not answering at all.
That is all.

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Got far, far too drunk last night and I'm suffering now. Hell of a party though, we got the dancefloor packed and everybody was going wild. Pretty good going for a quiet campus on the hill. :)

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Tonight is my long deserved break. Tonight (all be it a bit late) is our Halloween party. Halloween is my absolute favourite festival of the year. It includes fancy dress, goth overtones and none of the pressure of Christmas or New Years. Of course, I'm not really likely to get a real break as I'll inevitably be sorting decorations, working the door and having to answer all sorts of questions even though its not me organising this party... Don't get me wrong though, I love this kind of stuff. I'd be miffed if I was just sitting in the corner all the time and not being involved.

Collaboration not competition... Jeez, I'm such an OS geek sometimes.

It looks like I'm now going to be sitting on two academic committees as a student representative. Firstly, the Quality Assurance Standards Committee; this is where we discuss possible future courses and ensure that they meet an acceptable standard. Secondly, the Learning, Teaching and Taught Programmes Committee; where the actual standard of teaching is assessed as well as the methods used. I felt that these two were so intertwined that I should probably sit on both.

Ok, enough of this, to the party. Also, as a party worker I get free drinks and we have new ale on that I'm looking forward to trying. Thankfully we are moving out of the summer pale season, which I was becoming a little sick of, this looks like a nice amber type, hope it tastes as good as it looks.

p.s. This Firefox2 has an awesome inbuilt spell checker for forms, I recommend the upgrade. Just need a good grammar checker now. You will all soon be forced to upgrade to IE7 soon anyway which is bloated and ugly, Get Firefox2.

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About time for a blog post I guess. Not that I'm forcing myself, I just feel like these are now more letters home. Perhaps I will get more readers where I am, but with the million plus blogs that are available I hardly feel I have enough to say to go out looking for them.

I am now a student rep for my course. I put my name down to be a school rep, only five of us, but I lost in the election. It was hardly surprising though, seeing as I did zero campaigning. The person who won was the one who went round the blocks telling people that there was even an election on and should vote for them. I'm totally happy with the outcome, I have so much work to do and with all the extra events organising that I do for the SU bar I don't really have the time to take on extra responsibility.

I was shocked to see one of my current favourite bands, The Knife, played on the TV tonight, all be it in the background of some drama scene. I know not what programme it was, I don't even have a TV myself, just it was on in the pub. Funnily enough, most of you will know the band, all be it indirectly. The sony bravia advert with the bouncing balls had music from Jose Gonzales. Well, that was actually a cover of The Knife. I'm happy to say that I went down to London the other week to seem. I got soooo excited and had so much fun I was jumping around for ages after :)

Anyway, here is Heartbeats by The Knife for all to enjoy (updated to better sound quality):

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