Where am I?!

Sorry guys, not been around much of late so I've not been blogging or reading others much.

It's been a hell of a week. I've been visiting family in Wales. They have a beautiful B&B on the side of a mountain near Barmouth overlooking Cardigan Bay. It's nice to just hide away sometimes. I stopped off at the girlfriends in East Grinstead on the way back. She's been stressing about her upcoming exams for her masters, so I thought I'd try to help her chill out. Alas, she's a stressed bunny so I'd like you to all send her calming thoughts.

I lost my phone while I was there. On a bus between there and Crawley. I called it a few times, but it was hung up a few times and then switched off. It didn't take me long to put two and two together and come up with a crime report number and barring the phone. As it turned out though, a nice young skate lad had found it but just couldn't answer it as he was at work. We arranged to meet up and I now have my blocked phone back.

When I got home I discovered the wireless in the house had broken, so I couldn't access the internet from my laptop.. my pride and joy. I didn't have time to mess around, I tried a quick wireless fix (turn everything on and off) but it wasn't happening so I chucked the top into my bag and headed out to my favorite public hotspot to check my mail before I went to The Boss album release party that night.

I bought their album. I nodded my head to some tunes. The gig was cool. Hung out with my fellow geologist Jay where we talked geeky about things like css, ajax and Second Life. Life was sweet as we moved on to Broadstairs for late night hacky sack on the pier. I slept well that night.

I woke up the following (Saturday) morning and had a bit of time to sort out my wifi before I had to go to work for an 11 hour stint. I got out my laptop and... Horror struck. The screen was horrifically shattered and black 'ink' oozed outwards from every crack. It was ruined and I was crushed. I sat dazed, induced by the sense of loss at what had become a close and well modded friend. Appalled at the knowledge that I have no insurance since canceling it a few months back.

I couldn't help but have a look at my now defunct policy to see how much I was missing out. The policy didn't cover cracked screens, or theft, or anything from the looks of it. Memories came back as to why I cancelled the most pointless insurance I'd ever seen. I looked on the internet to see if I could find the cost of a replacement screen but for some reason or other I couldn't find my model anywhere. I gave in and dropped it round at the local friendly computer shop safe in the knowledge that they'll make my wallet a good £200 lighter. What a crappy day.

So how do you cheer someone up? I'll tell you now, if the person serving you doesn't seem to be too happy do not demand that they smile. The best you will get is a snear.

I'll tell you what cheered me up. A local band called Waterhorse. They play such pretty music. By the end of the shift I felt almost relaxed and the 11 hours (all be it at minimum wage) will go some way towards the new screen and at least the phone is covered by insurance. I guess it will all be ok afterall.

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