Tuesday Hangover

It's been a few days since I last posted. Lifes been a bit hectic. Had to go to Dorset for family functions, but I won't depress you with tales of that. I may as well say about seeing some hill down that way which I found while sneaking round some back streets. I just thought it was neat but as it turned out it was used in some hovis advert. I had no idea, but my sister insisted. She then pointed out a large fiberglass loaf of hovis. The street was so pretty, it didn't need that sort of trash.

Yesterday I had my first of three exams this year (assuming I don't have to re-sit any). Many of us celebrated by excessive drinking. I was done for by about five in the afternoon. Still, it was a nice day so we headed down to the Westgate gardens, downtown Canterbury. There was a few guys there with the spinning/circus stuff. I had a go on the poi, where I only whacked myself in the nuts a couple of times. Then had a bash on the juggling clubs for the first time in about 8 months. Surprised I could still do a few tricks. To be honest though, I was far to drunk for all that kind of thing. So I headed home with a little help from South East trains and was asleep in bed by 10pm. Very early for me, the night owl that I am.

Anyway, thats enough about my silly day. What usefull webness shall I come up with today. Ok, my sister got herself an mp3 plaer yesterday, so I'll go along those lines. If you've got windows media player and your ripping your music tracks to your computer it does it by default to a file type called Windows Media Audio (files end in *.wma). Though pretty well used, this isn't a universal format. So not all your mp3 players will be able to play it. If you want to save them as .mp3 then the update thing on windows media player 9 asks you to pay for the mp3 codex (thats the thing that does the conversion). You can get round this by just downloading windows media player 10 for free.

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At June 06, 2006 8:32 pm, Blogger Snailspace said...

This chap can't get his comments to work.
Being a bit of a cyber wizz maybe you can help

At June 06, 2006 9:00 pm, Blogger SkinOfStars said...

as far as i remeber, by default comments are set to on. i believe he has chosen to turn them off.

maybe i'm wrong. i'll post it in my next entry. i doubt he reads mine anyway, most of the stuff i say is tech rubbish anyhows.


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