My night with Bob Hoskins

Or not, as the case may be. I was at the wrap party last night for the thanet film Ruby Red Chequer which stars Bob Hoskins. For those of you that don't often grace the red carpet, a wrap party is a celebration of the end of filming. Alas, Bob wasn't at it as he was off filming elsewhere, but that didn't stop the party. Each guest was given free drink tickets but the organisers neglected to inform them that these were only for certain drinks, which meant some angry punters. I've never seen so many people complain about free drinks. Anyway, everyone seemed to get very drunk and did seem to be having fun, in that 'trendy gliterati' style. There was a fella going round doing card tricks who was very good, though I like to be fooled by those things. He also got a lady to lay on a table while he cleft her in twain with a power saw. People made speeches, smoked cigars and generally slapped each others backs in congratulations. Though I guess that's what it's like at these feature film shindigs and as they are locals who put it together I can only say good luck and I hope it does well. btw, I did already meet Bob.

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