I want valid!!!

I'm still stewing over not being valid. Word on the blogger circuit is that it is nigh on impossible to make your site valid without some serious grubby code work above and beyond the call of duty. For a start, the toolbar at the top of every blog is invalid (this is why sometimes it looks funny if your overloading you're browser)! I can remove it (that's advice that is given), but I don't want to! It's useful! ok... That's enough exclamations for one post.

Even the basic templates aren't valid. Google (who own blogger) should bloody well be more professional than this. Even the template that I am using now was designed by a worker at Google and it's riddled with errors. Invalidation means frustration. It's one of the main things that slows a web page down because it means the browser has to fix the problems in encounters on a page before it can display it.

It seems once you (well, me) start down this road of validation obsession, which covers others sites too, continued returning to the validator at W3C becomes tiresome. You want to be able to check validation of pages you come across on the fly. Here is where favelets (sic) come in. These little beauties are like clever bookmarks which you hit when you want to do something with the page you're on.

Here is the W3C validator favelet page.
Here are some other favelets, like translators.

Anyhows, now my exams have finished I'll spend some time cleaning this blog up and probably telling you all about the troubles I'll be having along the way.

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