I've been naked all day!

Eek! It's like when you're having a dream where you're in a public place without any clothes on. I kept trying to say 'look again', as if they'd be there next time, but nope, stripped bare.

Of course this isn't a dream, it's the internet. Though I'm sure many other parallels could be found, I'll leave it there. My internet nakedness today has been my lack of a cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Where as once upon a time all webpage were made from HyperText Markup Language (HTML), laying the page out with things like tables. Today they are normally a combination of HTML files and CSS files. The HTML holds all the things like headlines, text, links and suchlike. CSS deals with the layout and the style. This means that if, for example, you are visually impaired, you can have your browser just show the text, without and confusing graphics, or even just use a Braille reader.

The problem I had today? My CSS file was held on google servers somewhere and it wasn't being called to action for some reason or other. My solution? I'm now hosting the CSS file on my own webspace at oonagi. Thanks Mr Snailspace sir for pointing this problem out.

If your still just seeing the text only version, then try holding shift and clicking refresh. Doing this does a full reload rather than reloading with some of the temporary files on your computer.

Also, I've removed the link to thelrsessions.blogspot.com to the right as they don't a) update and b) don't have the HTML file, thus, no content, which is poor.

While bouncing around the local blognet I spotted a neat chart on one of the sites which displays all mentions of 'thanet' on the blogosphere. I liked it so I added it to mine too.

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