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I often dream that when I grow up I'll become a rock star. As time passes on though it seems less and less likely to happen. I came close to it this week though after I was asked to play as bassist in a currently running project for a young lad called Henry Johnson. Henry is playing the Eastcliff bandstand this Saturday along with some other bands which include ex-members of Primal Scream, Brand New Heavies as well as various other top quality professional musicians. While still pre-twenties, Henry's talents were spotted by a local musician who offered to musically direct an album for him as well as sort out gigs (you can hear the drummer in the project talk about it on oonagi webcast 5).

So how did I end up being involved? Well, frankly they were at the eleventh hour and didn't have a bassist. I certainly wasn't the best person for the job being out of a band for several years, but I was there when they needed someone bad. The problem now though is that I can't seem to get the time off work... and neither can the drummer. That's the whole rhythm section they lost and we only knew yesterday. Still, the music is fantastic and I think it may sound even better in a stripped down fashion. Looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer till I become a rock star though.

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At June 21, 2006 6:19 pm, Blogger Dobson of Margate said...

How curious that I was just last night talking to a friend about her new acquaintances, one being Henry and the other being an ex-Primal Scream member.


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