This has been a good weekend. I started Thursday at the 50th Moon On A Stick gig. It was a neat collection of music from far and near. I also got to check out one of the acts (Neverest Songs) that's going to be playing at my Thanet Rocks gig on the 20th of August at the Westgate pavilion. Also playing will be one of the big blogs friends, Black Primra. I have told Alex McNally's secretary about the gig. Perhaps he'll give it a feature or any mention. I'll be honest, I crave attention from the Thanet Crimes.

Whilst I nipped for a packet of smokes I saw and recognised the Man Eating Sausage. I bothered him for a while, but I'll leave that there as he has talked about the chance meeting. He did tell me one interesting thing though, I hope that he doesn't mind me mentioning, that he uses voice recognition software and talks at his computer to write blog posts. What an ingenious idea. He did also mention that he wasn't sure if i was an anonymous poster. I'm not. My name is Kevin Carmody and I live in Manston.

On Saturday I ran a juggling workshop for Manston fun day. I had some huge help from my friends Danny and Luce and from my girlfriend Rebeka. It was huge amounts of fun, though we were treated a little like a creche.

And today was the Ramsgate carnival...... erm ....... err ...... great!

Ok, here are a couple of web treats:
Type 'failure' into google and hit 'I'm feeling lucky'.
A note of word verification.

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