Chavs win the battle, rock wins the war.

The absolute disapointment. I wander home in the most drunken fashion tonight. Swaying from side to side all the way from the harbour to Manston... which is a long old walk. I'd already been to Margate, to the Qubar tonight. Watched some pretty downbeat rock. Could do with some more of that upbeat disco dancing feel... but that only really happens at the Lido and I'm a bit old for that now. What I noticed throughout the night though was the distinct lack of chavs. Perhaps we should be honest and say it as it is... chavs is now just a middle class word for poor. When I was a youngster, about a decade or so ago, back when we were using the word 'chav', it was a real statement of something we feared. No-one ever called themselves a chav, it was just the word we used for those who used to beat down on us rockers. btw, if you ever wondered where the word came from... it was at the time a verb; 'to chav' = 'to steal'. We considered them thieves so we called them chavs, it was their own word! No matter what they come up with now, that was what it meant when we were using it 14years ago.

Anyway, they didn't tuck their socks in their trousers then... though they probably did wear b-ball caps! Still, this is all meaningless now. Some how, dispite their numbers, they lost. They won the war, in so far as they won noteriety in becoming the infamous 'chavs', but they lost overall. Who wants to be a 'chav'? If your not being mocked, your being labelled as poor. I'm sorry, but I think thats what chav has become, a label for those who we think of as coming out of some housing estate. So dispite ourselves, the rockers won overall. Rock is hip again and there is little we can do about it.

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At July 15, 2006 10:59 pm, Blogger Dane Valley Ted said...

In the late 70's a chav or chavvie was a child or children.
So it would be "How's the chavs today" or "Chavvies at school then"
Seems like the name has adapted but the mental age stays the same!!


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