Never happy with what I've got... a Google post.

Google offer some great services. They have expanded well out of the remit of a plain search engine, but it's still their search engine service that I like to use most.

I like to have a google account and one of the neatest parts of that is the alternative homepage. If you have a google account then try this -

Once you're there and signed in you can modify what is included on the page. Try something like this: Top left click 'add content', a little sidebar slides open. You can modify what sort of jazzy stuff you want displayed. Then you could try something like this: in the little sidebar copy and paste this into the input field that says 'search by site or feed' -

Then as if by magic, there are the latest headlines from your favourite local arts blog on your customisable page. You can do that with any of the local blogs as well as any other site that has a RSS/XML feed. Oh yes, is set as my homepage with a couple of my favourite feeds. Web at a glance.

So here is what I'm not happy with. I can do all sorts of funky stuff like that, but why can't I add my favourite google searches to this page like the images or froogle ones that are default? How hard is that going to be for them magic webcoders at google? My main searches are google scholar and google books. Why do I have to go to the 'more...' section every time and pick it out of a list?

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At May 31, 2006 9:40 pm, Blogger tony flaig said...

That alternative page is ok better than some similar pages which look fussy

At June 01, 2006 10:54 pm, Blogger SkinOfStars said...

i think thats the neat thing with google. they keep it simple. plain white backgrounds, that sort of thing. but th /ig needs a google account to be effective


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