A drunken Monday

I went round to Bills tonight. I've known him since I was brought to Thanet from Coedpoeth and was placed in Christ Church junior, which was then on Royal Road but is now on London Road. We went to secondary school together and is probably the person I've known longest. Tonight we jammed. He's got a new electronic drum kit rigged up through his computer which, which I actually managed to play some beats on! Of course, the playing got worse and worse the more beers we drank, though I noticed how much more I grooved.

We spent time wandering through the wiki funny vandalism list. I only found it while doing the previous blog-post and I've found it terribly addictive. Through this I found an article on the geek language leet eg my name: k3v1n c4rm0dy. Bill was stunned that I didn't know what this is, he can be so geeky sometimes. The thing that I thought is was very useful for is coming up with passwords. I often use phrases for passwords which include numbers, eg 5greenbottles, but it's nice to have a good technique that avoids actual words which is vulnerable to a brute force password scan, see my googlepages link to see a screeny of the result of this type of attack.

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