Bit of an update.

Well, here I am at work. It's a hard life. Though I'm not sure what I'll do when the laptops battery runs out as I'm just sitting in the corridor and there are no power points.

I've updated the sidebar bit of this blog, seeing as I'm getting a bit more attention than I expected. Additions include:
Thanet Life, our alternative newspaper;
Living Room Sessions, a slowly updated blog by some friends of mine who do radio shows at their uni of Roehampton;
Big News Margate, Margate info with attitude;
Nethercourt Notes, a man who spends alot of time on the Ramsgate westcliff, presumably because it's the furthest away he can get from Richard while staying in Ramsgate.

I've also included a link to my googlepages. This is free webspace that google is giving away. The space doesn't allow you to use ftp at the moment, so it's a bit crap if you want to use it to host your own website, especially as you have to use the monkey-proof layout editor. But it is useful for storing files to externally link to as they give you 100mb space. They also have some neat widgets if your prepared to take the risk and use the 'experimental features' in the settings. The widget you'll find on my one? None other than pacman. So if your really bored, you can go play that.

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