The problem with social sites is...

Sites like myspace give people so much opportunity for people to say something, that nobody ever does. There is no quality content on there. People seem to think that by having a flashy layout that is all they need to do... and collect friends of course. A comment saying 'your so cool' does not give the visitor decent stuff to read. This is the sort of thing that could just as easily be done with an email and the rest of us don't have to suffer it. You see bands that do all their promotion through myspace. They go to a myspace layout generator site, pick out some colours from a little chart and tada, instant 'website'. It's easy, it's cool, it shows your slack. Worse still, music promoters will post the bands that they have playing, the venue and that's it... slack. Alot of the time they'll only use bands that are on myspace so as to make their own jobs easier. What about bands that don't use myspace???

Ok, so that was a bit of a myspace bashing, but it's not all bad. Its good that people are getting on the net and communicating. And I do use it myself, so you can call be a hypocrite. There is even a link for mine just to the right there. I just wish there was more quality content and bands made a bit more effort.

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