Oh tell me why, I don't like Mondays....

I sing this song to myself at the start of every week. I like the song, but I think mainly it's because I have psychology class over at Canterbury College. It's an interesting subject, but it makes my noodle hurt.

In my honest opinion, I think that psychology is loved by self centred people, perhaps trying to cure themselves. In particular, I think it's girls that like to do it (thats not saying that girls are self centred). When I meet people and tell them that one of my classes is psychology I can normally guess what their reaction is gonna be based on a combination of their gender and how much they like to talk about themselves and lose interest whenever the subject is on anything but them. I will say though, today raised some interesting points. Such thoughts as, who should be on a list of repopulating the world. Lesbians and gays can be on there, because they can suppress that for the sake of mankind (hahaha). Paedophiles shouldn't, they should just have their nuts cut off! They aren't allowed the opportunity to suppress those desires. Perhaps people think that they will pass on those genes to create generations of kiddy fiddlers. Perhaps the News Of The World has more influence in this country than we realise.

Anyway, only a couple of weeks left, then it's exams. Then I'll be leaving the sunny climbs of Thanet. I like Ramsgate and Broadstairs, so I'll miss it. But Oxford should be neat.

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