My favourite Firefox extensions

"How many times must people tell us their favourite firefox extensions?"

I look at other peoples lists and sometimes I find things I don't know about, so here are mine. By the way, if your don't already have firefox (thats a web browser, like internet explorer, or the blue 'e' as Danny said to me once), then get it, give it a go and maybe drop it later if you don't like it like. I love it though. If you have it but don't know how to instal them, then just go to tools>extensions pop-up appears, click the 'get more extensions in the bottom right corner. This link takes you to the extensions website where you can pick them out and install them.

Ok, the list:
All these extensions I have given the exact name, so it should be real easy to find them. If I've missed a sitter, then please tell me.

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