All in one night!

Cripes, I make one post yesterday on the anonymity of Eastcliff Richard and all of a sudden I'm splashed across not just his blog, but I'm listed on the Thanet Life blog too! What happened??? Not even oonagi is listed there.

So last night I recorded a new webcast for oonagi. This time it's a duo with me and little jim. Mainly talk with one track from Candy Sniper. It was good fun to do one bouncing off someone else so I think I'll do more like that. After that we headed down to Deviate goth club at Rainy's, Ramsgate. A neat idea for a late night metal get together on a Tuesday. Shame it was a bit dead, and those that were there were a bit miserable. I cheered some guys up by teaching them to make little paper cranes (spurred on by a conversation about my new band '1000 Cranes'), but all in all everyone was a bit long faced. Funny, goth kids are normally upbeat, bizarre as that may sound.

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