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Two days later and its New Years Eve and I was working. I'll admit that this was a night that I wasn't looking forward to. I always feel this night of all nights is the biggest of disappointing nights of the year. There again, I think I can just be a misery sometimes, which was something I did well on this night. I did have some fun though, there were nine of us working upstairs around one till, a night of continual weaving but sooo busy that the evening flies. I like work to be busy :). This bar dance was set to a soundtrack of the Sharpees who played better than the last time I saw them, though I have to admit they are still not one of my favourites. In all honesty though it would have to be one hell of a band for me to have a covers band as one of my favourites... and at least they didn't play Mustang Sally! The shift finished at some ungodly hour, so we went on to a party in Margate in the home of **On The Rag zine**. It was a house gig but unfortunately we missed the bands, new boys 'Cubs' and one of my favourite locals 'We Are Carnivores', due to time. Shame really, I would have put up with the bleeding eardrums you get in house gigs for those two.
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I recieved a letter from the court service... fear.. had they really found me?! I slowly opened the envolope and pulled out the pink paper... jury duty! Wuh?! How terribly exciting, though I have had to defer though due to school... erm, not sure I can talk about that, if not then I'll just edit this post ^^

Luckily I'm getting a good few shifts while I'm here, lots of last min calls but thats fine by me. One of my more recent shifts has been real relaxed but I'm starting to be aware of a necessity of a more appropriate part time job. Not sure exactly what that is at the moment but its certainly something I need to think about. Answers to 'life, the universe and everything' on a postcard to 42 Hitchikers Way...
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Well there is a summary of the past few weeks in an entry that probably takes as long to read. Hopefully once our interwebulation connection is rectified I can summarise my return to Thanet in more bitsize pieces.

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