I spent time in Ramsgate today (Saturday). You really can't get much more bizarre than that town. My vision of the place had been blurred. I always thought of Ramsgate as a cool town on the coast but today I was reminded otherwise.

I was a lost puppy, a fish out of water, an old cat in an old town.. I drifted down Ramsgate highstreet today. Drawn as I was to Argos at the top of the street for some last minute Chrsitmas shoppping (I'm a boy). I headed on down the highstreet just to check out what Ramsgte had tuned into in the weeks that had passed.

To be honest, I didn't expect much change. I had always thought of Ramsgate as a cool town but you know, I think I always saw it at the wrong time. At night the harbour is really something else, but during the day the town truly lacks something that other towns have. I think that its called jaw muscles... This really is a town of slack jaw locals who consider themselves observant when they spot JJB sport between the cheep watch and the phone unlocking market stalls. Don't get me wrong, I do have faith in this town but there is something wrong at the moment / About the only shops that are opening are sports clothing. I see a Sports World has opened up where Courts was and very busy it was too. I can believe it must be good business to keep chavs clothed.

SO back to Argos Christmas shopping and while there I immediately turned into an old man. The poor man beside me was hassled buy our dear chav, his space personally invaded. They were cocks but they left. Here is where the old man thing comes in: "these kids think they own the high street", "hanging round in their gangs", "all I want to know is where the parents are"... I'm almost speechless... I take a quick mental note and see that we are only young men... medium age of thirty... I fill my slip out for the laminater (a Christmas present) and head away with those words ringing... "I blame the parents".

This place is truly a village. I knew I could go out tonight. Get dropped at somewhere like Churchills, meet someone there and go on to an endless night of drinking and non stop meeting people I know... Tonight the highlight???... Alex Glinn. He is an aspiring sound man who's dedication and ambition no-one can fault. He's was working on that local Bob Hoskins film which has become Ruby Blue. I give noted respect out because he is really someone who is doing what he can to get out of the expected Thanet life, especially in such a demanding industry as media.

Ok, I'm back in Thanet for a month. I have six days of gallivanting round the country. I have degree of necessity to head down country to Dorset to spend much needed Christmas time with Family. After that, apart from a possible three days in Wales, I'm spending a time in Thanet and I will record a memoir of my time. As a little end of post bonus; I'm hoping to leave a treat for Thanet before I leave.

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At December 26, 2006 8:26 pm, Blogger Eastcliff Richard said...

I think living in that Oxfrod place has turned your head young man! I mean, they might have great libraries like the Bodleian, fine buildings like the Sheldonian Theatre and magnificent old colleges, but we've got our own burnt out library, the Granville Theatre and that language college up by Churchills, so don't you go getting all hoity-toity on us! Merry Christmas!


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