Oh my god! Webcameron, you have got to be kidding. The latest propaganda tool from the conservatives is the 'personal' video blog of their illustrious leader. Extra homely realism is provided with him washing up and background screaming children. I'm sure there was always an unspoken rule of not using your kids as political tools, but this man is really pulling out all the stops. They've clearly tried to stop it from seeming to be a propoganda by branding the whole thing in pink, but the videos are so obviously staged. Little clipped references to recycling, etc. This is clearly aimed at the YouTube generation, but frankly its all a little sickening, especially when you think about the amount of time and money that must have gone into the programming and building of it. Its not based at blogger, thats for sure. He goes on about how 'shaky' it all is (cue cameraman wobble, or is that cameronman) and to top it off with true web2.0 aspirations, its not just called webcameron, its Webcameron BETA! I mean, really, does he think we were born last week?

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