Seems I got somewhat busted in the BBC Kent article on bloggers as the man behind the Thanet Blog List. Many of the more savy would have guessed anyway, but its really out now, so I guess its time to discuss it.

I started the list in reaction to Cliff Richard saying he was quiting the scene after a spat with the doctor. I was concerned that there wouldn't be the central point for bloggers to rally around. I also had issues with the links being removed from peoples blogs due to personal issues. I felt the best way to resolve this was an independent list that would link anyone regardless, trusting the reader to decide what was hot and what was not.

Now we come to the problem. Not only is it not very independent now that its clear its me, but I am leaving Thanet and so feel I will have less time to hunt down local blogs.

We have a few possible solutions here:
a) Kevin continues as is and only adds blogs when he checks once every few months.
b) Some other person contacts Kevin saying they will take good care of it and will remain impartial.
c) I tell you all the login and password for the blog and you can all add stuff when you find it. Kevin (or someone) hangs onto the email to reset any abuses with a password reset.

I personally like the third option as I'm a community thinking kinda guy, but I can see its problems.

This is up to you guys to call it as its really your list.

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At September 08, 2006 8:48 pm, Blogger adem said...

option 3 sounds good although I wouldn't give it to EVERYBODY. Add a few other contributers to the blog [you'll have to decide who.. maybe run a competition] as well as yourself and hopefully it'll form a good team.

Although not completely independant if you select a variety of bloggers then it should be cool.

At September 10, 2006 9:22 pm, Anonymous tony flaig google beta wont let me us my log in said...

I cannot see, why you just don't continue on an irregular basis. I think when we met again recently since working at Steel Case, you asked me why I didn't list, the Thanet blog list in the my links. This was precisely for that reason, but still you have done a good job and you haven't exercised any bias.

Just out of interest I wonder what your thoughts are on the Thanet council - information and critique website, I just happen be a little peeved that this site has a significant contribution from me, the creator Matt sent me an e-mail suggesting that he would appreciate my opinion but have never had the courtesy of actually replying to my response. (the thing that *isses me off, is that some of my biggest stories are visual and without illustration on this website make little sense )

I note that you do not, list this in your Thanet blogsite thingy, any reason?

Incidently is this a new embryonic site

At September 12, 2006 8:19 pm, Blogger SkinOfStars said...

i don't know why, but the feeds from your blog don't work properly. i'd wanted to have the headlines of your blog listed on oonagi, as i do with arts&elbows, but i could never make it work. i thought that maybe it was my lack of skill, but it dosn't work on the feed reader i use for all the thanet blogs either. v.strange.

there are two reasons its not listed.
1.despite his insistence, in my opinion (and others i've discussed it with) it isn't a blog, neither is slashdot. its a website. it has, or at least aims to have multiple contributors. it has forums and all sorts of other stuff. the next thing people will say is that is a blog purely on account that it has articles. it is also based on durpal, which is content management software, not blogging software, which leads me onto point...
2. it isn't based at, which you will notice is all thats included on that list. there are others local blogs on wordpress (like adems), at myspace, on microsoft network, yahoo, the list is endless. the last thing i wanted to do was try and keep track of all people on the internet in thanet. maybe if someone takes over they will decide thats what they want to do. or maybe they will want to be even more geeky, like the london blogger network.

i have nothing against the website and as i said under my alias, i wish it the best of luck and even surrepticiously suggested to other bloggers to add it to their links lists.

as for your other recommendation. i will add it to the list this time, but here is not the place for people to start telling me other blogs to add to the thanetbloglist.

At September 12, 2006 10:47 pm, Anonymous tony flaig gogle beta wont let me log on proper said...

whats with the comment thingy I thought that was a no no, in your book, any how I have not told you what to do about anything

Good luck with the move, me I shall stick with the university of life, just look how far thats got me!

That Island matters thing was just a suggestion


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