Second Saturday

The end of the first week of my new blog. Been an interesting experience bouncing round these blogger networks. Made a nice change from the immaturity myspace. Went to the girlfriends in East Grinstead last night, made her get a myspace, you can find it here and ask her to be your friend if your so inclined. For all it's annoyances, everyone has a myspace so it's a bit silly to avoid it. It's like saying 'we never needed roads before', well, kinda like that. Of course, it's mainly filled with under 25s and the under 25s at heart. The blogger networks seem to be more old dudes (could do with some dudettes) and I'm not sure exactly which catagory I'm fitting in these days... actually, I've been alot happier blogging than myspacing, so I think I know which one I am.

The oonagi webcast 5 was the first to recieve a vote on the site... 1 star out of 10. Not too hot but what the hell, I ain't gonna let others negativity get me down. Alas, one thing that will slow me down is the essay due in on Monday and the huge amounts of revision I have to do for my exams coming up in June. Think I'm gonna try to re-focus with an image makeover, out with the mo-ho and goatee, in with the..... grade one I expect.

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At May 20, 2006 11:47 pm, Blogger Eastcliff Richard said...

Ah, old at heart, eh?


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