BBC in bed with MS

I'm appalled at a recent BBC decision to release its new online watch again service to Windows only. The problem for me is that I love the BBC normally and I want to consume their content but they always make it so hard for me. I don't like to consider myself anti-Microsoft but I don't want to use their software which means that I'm now pretty much stuck with the BBC's text only content. I'm afraid I'm going to be reduced to just listening to a bit of radio 4 when I'm near a radio. If I have already paid my license fee then why should I also have to buy software from an American company to watch it?

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At June 28, 2007 5:53 pm, Blogger tony flaig bignews said...


Stop whingeing why should the bbc go out of their way to help out eccentric users of some cranky operating system, get with the rest of the world, throw away your hand crafted organic minority non windows tosh.

What the hells Linux or Gimp, I assume the first is a cold cure but the second is to much info by the look of it

Long summer break ?


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